The Superior Group of Colleges

Campus Facilities

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Computer Labs

At every Superior College, we have purpose built modern labs for practicing the knowledge being leant. We have a keen emphasis on making our students know how the systems they read theoretically do work practically.To help our youth develop interest in IT & Computer Science, we have Computer Labs with latest versions of computers. Expert computer teachers and practitioners guide & train our students in proper usage and implications of computers.

Science Labs

Superior Colleges have built modern Science Labs where students practice theories of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Expert Lab Attendants and teachers help them do experiments and learn practical side of science subjects by applying the science formulas. We believe that these labs are the base house of future expert doctors, engineers & researchers. So we have provided latest equipment, training and practical facility and also hygienically safe & hazard free lab rooms/ compounds in our colleges.

Transport Facility

The Superior students are looked after with provision of modern, comfortable and well managed transport facility. We understand that public transportation facilities are not sufficient, comfortable and time bound which bothers students by extending their scheduled travel time. Thus, according to the city needs, number of coasters & buses of Superior Colleges run errands to pick & drop students.

Superior Café

Café is always a place of refreshment and entertainment for having breaks during strenuous academic routine. The Superior Colleges Cafes are:

• Spacious and clean

• Well-lit and have variety of food items

• Having LCDs for students’ entertainment and news updates


A library is an integral part of any educational institution. Libraries at different campuses of Superior Group of Colleges have congenial and peaceful environment and are equipped with hundreds of books on different subjects i.e. Commerce, Business, Management, IT & Computer Science, Medicine, Engineering, Arts and Literature, Reference Materials, Local and International Journals, Newspapers, Magazines etc.

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