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The city of Chakwal is an important district of Rawalpindi Division in the Province of Punjab, Pakistan. This city is chiefly known for tourism due to its beautiful, attractive and mesmerizing tourism spots such as Kallar Kahar (Takht- e- Babri), Katas Raj (Hindu Temples), BunAmeer Khatoon, Undarwal Kabristan, Sumerkand Fort, KasikFort, Bawoli of Sher Shah, Susitha Qalirah, Nandana Fort and Malot Fort. Though Cotton is not grown in the District Chakwal but there are five textile-spinning units out of which three units also manufacture Polyester/Viscose Yarn. This reflects very good prospects for textile weaving and processing, hosiery, towels, bed sheets and sizing units. In addition Chakwal is famous for making Zari Shoes. Khes weaving is also an important traditional craft of this District.

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