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The FA degree is often deemed inferior when compared to other intermediate degrees like FSc or ICS. However, in reality, students are unaware of the broad scope of FA due to limited knowledge about its professional prospects.

To offer you comprehensive information regarding the scope of an FA degree, we have compiled all the key attributes from which you can extract the knowledge you need about this field. Additionally, we have provided a list of the Best Private Colleges in Lahore where you can enroll to get FA Admissions 2024.

Navigating Throughout the Landscape Of FA

The abbreviation “FA” stands for the Faculty of Arts. It is an intermediate-level degree that is quite popular among students who aspire to pursue fields related to fine arts, humanities, social sciences, and language subjects. Additionally, there are several other educational options available for students.

Exploring the Subjects of FA

In the framework of academic programs, FA typically includes two categories of subjects: compulsory subjects and elective subjects. The list of these compulsory subjects is given below.

Compulsory Subjects
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamiat / Pak Studies

Now, when it comes to elective subjects, students must choose one subject from each of the following groups, forming a combination within the FA program.

1st Group2nd Group3rd Group
Languages (English Literature, Persian, French, Punjabi)CivicsIslamic History
Advanced UrduPhilosophyComputer
World HistoryFine ArtsMusic
Library ScienceHome EconomicsPhysical Education

Career Paths After Intermediate in FA

Intermediate education in the Faculty of Arts (FA) provides a versatile foundation for a wide array of academic and career pursuits. It encompasses a diverse curriculum, featuring subjects such as humanities, social sciences, languages, and more.

Students after doing the FA program can seamlessly transition into higher education, where they can specialize in fields such as history, literature, sociology, and philosophy, preparing for careers as historians, writers, or educators.

Moreover, this education equips them with essential skills for professions like journalism, public administration, cultural management, and even business, where critical thinking and communication abilities are highly valued.

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The scope of Intermediate in the Faculty of Arts extends beyond mere knowledge acquisition as it cultivates a versatile skill set that can be applied in various domains. Furthermore, the program can serve as a solid foundation for entrepreneurial ventures or for those aspiring to join the business world.

It also offers opportunities for those interested in working in public administration or non-profit organizations. The flexibility of Intermediate in the Faculty of Arts allows students to explore their passions and customize their educational journey, ultimately shaping their future careers in alignment with their interests and aspirations.

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Whether you aspire to pursue higher education or launch a career in the arts, Superior provides the support and resources needed to turn your creative passion into a lifelong pursuit.


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