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Intermediate Admissions 2023 | Apply Now to Get Enrolled in I.Com

The primary purpose of this blog is to offer you comprehensive details about the diverse field of I.Com and to help you identify the Best Private Colleges in Lahore where you can pursue your dreams.

Grasp the chance to step into a world of numerous opportunities as The Superior Group of Colleges unveils its admission portal for the Intermediate Admissions 2023. Embrace excellence and pave the way for your future by enrolling today. With a reputation for nurturing success and academic brilliance, The Superior Group of Colleges promises an outstanding educational experience.

Intermediate Admissions 2023

At Superior Colleges, we offer a diverse range of Intermediate disciplines, including the following:

  • FSc (Pre-Medical)
  • FSc (Pre-Engineering)
  • ICS
  • I.Com
  • F.A

You can apply to any field at Superior College if you meet all admissions standards and criteria. The main focus of this blog will be on Intermediate in Commerce, commonly referred to as I.Com. Thanks to I.Com, you have the opportunity to pursue various careers in business, trade, and commerce.

Scope of I.Com

I.Com stands for Intermediate in Commerce. It is a two-year program that focuses on commerce-related subjects and lays the foundation for students to pursue further studies or careers in business, finance, accounting, economics, and related fields. The curriculum also includes classes in accounting, economics, business studies, and mathematics that provide students with a fundamental knowledge of ideas connected to commerce.

I.Com graduates can obtain entry-level positions in various industries, including banking, finance, marketing, and retail. I.Com, on the other hand, gives students a solid foundation in business administration, accounting, and commerce. People who want to establish their own firms or entrepreneurial endeavors may find this information useful.

I.Com at Superior is Your Key to Prospering in the Commerce Field

The I.Com program at The Superior Colleges offers a wealth of advantages that can help define your academic journey in special ways. The program provides a complete understanding of business and economics disciplines, building a solid theoretical base.

The cutting-edge facilities at Superior reflect its dedication to excellence by establishing an ideal learning environment that perfectly accompanies theoretical lessons. This program provides crucial industry exposure outside of the classroom. Engaging with experts from many fields helps turn theory into practical knowledge.

The comprehensive Superior method develops not just academic proficiency but also interpersonal grace and leadership insight. Connecting with classmates, former students, and business leaders in a network creates relationships that influence futures. You are guided at each step of your personal and academic progress with constant support services.

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Learning, Talent, and Skill Synergy are The Foundation of Our Educational System

Our Plan IQ & EQ

Superior Group of Colleges has an exclusive study Plan based on polishing students’ IQ (Intelligence Quotient). It’s established through international research findings that success in life depends 80% on EQ and 20% on IQ. We at Superior believe in striking a due balance between IQ & EQ so that our students never lack any required training for a successful life.

Intermediate Admissions 2023
Intermediate Admissions 2023

Serving the purpose of monitoring whether students have prepared for a month-wise due course or not, the first monthly tests are taken. We complete 15% of the syllabus through regular classes prior to the monthly test. 35% of the syllabus is taught before the second monthly test, after which teachers decide whether the students are ready for the first Assessment exam or not.

They also get trained for paper presentations. 60% syllabus is taught before the 2nd Assessment Exam, in which we assess our students’ abilities in paper presentation, time management, and Topper competition.

Plan EQ is an elaborative system to organize and execute events of a recreational yet personality development nature. A wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities has been designed to strengthen students’ IQ and EQ. Since IQ (Intelligence Quotient) helps an individual get a job, EQ teaches you how to be successful in your life.

EQ helps students develop self-awareness, self-management, social interaction, and relationship management. From the early years of our college students, we keenly focus on training them not only for academic success but for their entire life.


After the announcement of the matriculation results, the next step in the educational process will be Intermediate Admissions 2023. In order to meet the demands of the current industrial sector, students can now apply to complete their 11th and 12th grades.

The doors of opportunity are swinging wide open as admissions for I.Com at Superior are now open. Reserve your seat right away and set off on a voyage that will undoubtedly change the path of your life.

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