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Superior College Multan is one of its own kind campus with state of the art infrastructure, lab facilities and most of all, highly experienced and dedicated faculty members working hard to impart the best standards of education. This is by the dint of sheer hard work and dedication of teachers, administration and students alike that Superior College Multan has achieved remarkable success in academic results.

The top positions in board and university prove that Superior has made a mark in education sector of Multan. Superior Group of Colleges strictly follows the values including, Sense of Purpose, Creativity & Innovation, Team Work, Excellence, Reward for Performance. The same are reflected through education, study plan, and huge recognition for outstanding performance. Position holding students are always rewarded generously via medals, cash prizes and cars as well.

This grand acknowledgement encourages our students for even better performance ahead The second most important feature is Superior Colleges’ plan EQ. A very keen focus is laid on building and strengthening students’ emotional intelligence. As per research, it is found that an individual’s IQ brings academic success and EQ brings success in every phase of life. Interestingly, IQ matters only 20 per cent and EQ counts 80 per cent for one person’s overall success in life.

Superior Group of Colleges

We build our students’ EQ through an extensive range of cocurricular activities including debate competitions, Naat & Qirat, sports & cultural festivals, creative competition galas, tours and many more events that bring real time field experience for them.

These lifetime memories help young students learn the art of living and dealing with different types of emotions to make them successful in every phase of life.
Superior College Multan also practices these values so it is adding high value in the lives of our students and has been acknowledged and liked by people of the city. Students’ first choice for quality education is Superior College only.

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