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Superior College Sargodha is the most distinguished academic institute with a proud history of educational excellence, achievement and positive influence on the society as a whole.

The college was formally inaugurated on 31st July 2008 with Malik Meraj Khalid (MMK) Award for teachers. The college history is swollen with an enormous response from people of Sargodha. It secured a huge number of admissions right in the first year. This growth multiplied in coming years to build three more college campuses in Sargodha and raise nearly 12,000 alumni by now.

Superior College Sargodha has achieved hallmark in brilliant educational results by the grace of Almighty Allah. In its 1st Annual Result 2010, Superior College Sargodha got positions in Sargodha Board and kept on securing positions continuously to reach 30 positions up till now in different boards and universities in such a very short time. We are proud to mention the position holding high achievers of Sargodha campus including Amlish Bilal Gondal taking overall first position in Sargodha Board with 1026 marks, Muhammad Awais with first position in Sargodha Board securing 1015 marks, Mustafeez Ur Rehman first position pre-medical result in Sargodha Board, Mahnoor Abrar first position Sargodha.

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Board Commerce group, Hafiza Javeria Barkaat second position in Sargodha Board Commerce group, Um-e-Aemen third position Sargodha Board Commerce group, Muhammad Abu Bakar third position Sargodha Board Commerce group, Anees Akhtar first position, Amara Abid third position Intermediate, Syeda Maryam third position Sargodha Board.

Such a proud history and ongoing journey to brilliant success is an evidence that Sargodha is a ‘land of eagles’ youths here never lacked vigor to win in the war front and educational fields as well.

Sargodha is a very well planned and widely expanding densely populated District of province Punjab. The city is having the pride of hosting Pakistan’s largest Air Force Base. The soil is fertile to produce the finest import quality citrus, sugarcane, rice and wheat.

The four Superior College Sargodha Campuses are emblem of state of the art infrastructure, latest facilities and academically enriched study environment which is highly admired by students, parents and citizens of Sargodha. The highly motivated, experienced and visionary 120 Superior faculty members in Sargodha College Campuses are the real asset of Superior Group of Colleges

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