Some Beautiful Memories of Our Final Year Tour Arranged by Superior College!

Some Beautiful Memories of Our Final Year Tour Arranged by Superior College!

The student life is all full of joy, passion, study, adventures and there are loads and loads of stresses before and during the examination. The resultant factor always gives me goosebumps when I still think of the days before my intermediate second year exams. College days were always very special and I was lucky to find a great institution like Superior College. Study and life were never stale here, and with highly competent faculty members and an awesome student friendly environment. I can never forget the times of study in classes and then having our daily routes in groups towards the canteen. During my time at Superior College, and being a student of pre-engineering, it was said to be all that pressure-based study. But the extracurricular activities at the campus always relieved us.

How can I forget the final year tour to Kaghan-Naran Valley which was organized and arranged by the college authorities? We were super excited to visit a beautiful piece of land of our beloved country Pakistan. I have had visited many places with my family in school times but it was going to be a different experience as my whole class was ready for the fun-filled journey. Our beloved and highly respected teachers were also accompanying us. It was a three-day plan, and we started our journey at night on college administration’s arranged buses. The singing, jokes and the loud music was played in our bus.

It was an atmosphere of fun, fervour, excitement and of friendship, and the most important thing was that it was our last year. We wanted to cherish each and every moment, to have a finest pleasure, and to fill up our minds with beautiful memories of the past. It was something to look for the right reasons, and to find the best sorts joys that e could all gather on personal fronts. Our first stop over was at Mansehra, and there we refreshed ourselves and moved towards Balakot. It was an amazing sight, and the river Kunhar with its twists and turns was unbelievable. Staying and having breakfast, and getting some snaps, we moved on from the continuously rising lush green mountains.

Our teachers were like our friends and the fun mode asked us to sing in together, tell funny things and by the time we passed through Kaghan and reached Naran Valley. A valley like a big cup with surrounding mountains, a rushy river in the middle and beautiful cottages and hotels all stretched out. We stayed in a rest house that was booked for our college, and I had a room share with my fast friends. We changed clothes as it was quite chilly, and the evening time arrived. We went for official dinner in a joyous mood. For almost entire night, we had bonfire, singing, sharing experiences. Our teachers told their own experiences and it was amazing listening to their stories and struggles.

We felt like living in another life or on a different planet where we forgot our worries, how to combat with upcoming final examination, youthful sweet sorrows and planned for the Lake Saif-ul-Mulook on the very next day. Getting up haphazardly, having breakfasts in a hurry and then jumping on hired jeeps was quite a job, Then the way to lake was a next level fun. The tricky muddy road, with jumps and rolls and then laughter and excitement to watch one of the world’s most beautiful lake was in our hearts. The superior college had arranged everything picture perfect, and we enjoyed the beauty of the lake, had sanks, juices and lots of photos. There was a boat ride which some our fellows avoided as they felt afraid or nausea due to high altitude. Then we were back, and next day we had rafting experiences and visited some other places, and a way back from such a beautiful and memorable journey. Credit goes to our Superior College Principal and faculty members, as we still carry beautiful memories of the tour to Naran valley….!!