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Top 6 City Of Colleges In The World Lahore is one of them

Deciding to attend a college or university is perhaps the most crucial part of studying abroad. But for many international students, choosing a location to suit their needs is just as important as your career is concerned.

Thus, knowing what kind of lifestyle you will have, how affordable it will be, and what entertainment options and work opportunities you will have while also enjoying the social and luxury life there.

After all, you are not just choosing the city to visit or learn, but you also want to enjoy life over there and have the memories. In short, you are choosing your home for the next few years.

Here are the top ten cities of colleges in the world. Find the Pakistani city among them.

1.     #1- College City Of World: London

London has a rich history of universities and learning even in the older times and still has maintained its position as the world’s best city of colleges.

With 18 universities, 4 of them come in the top 50 universities and colleges. London is an academic hotspot with world-leading educational institutes such as Imperial College of London, Oxford University, and King’s College London.

While London is not the cheapest option, there are a number of job opportunities and cultural activities that never let you turn down your mind.

Plus, with the wide range of international students community, the buzzing nightlife, architecture and landscape with rich history give you the best entertainment in the world.

2.     #2- Munich

After London comes to the name Munich, thanks to its affordability and employment rate, it has become the second best place in the world for student keeping.

Germany has the vast research institute and centres in the world. Another reason for its coming second in a row among the best city of colleges is its no tuition charges for undergraduate students, regardless of nationality and ethnicity. The country also offers the best value for money in the world.

The two world-ranked educational institutes have earned its name, Technische Universität München, ranked at #50, and second is Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, ranked #64th.

The city has a vivacious diverse environment, home of around 17,000 international students every year and has thus become the business hub. Other than the educational side, Munich is a business hub of automobiles and holds headquarters for companies like BMW and Allianz. Both these companies give ample opportunities for young graduates from all sectors.

3.    #3- Seoul

We have talked about the European universities; now, let’s see the Asian side of cities tagged as the third city of colleges in the world.

Seol, the capital of South Korea, climbed up seven places in this year of rankings, securing the third position in our list of cities of colleges.

With no less than the 21 universities in its territory, the capital of South Korea has never lost a chance to impress the students from the international community for different programs.

While living in a city that never sleeps, you will actually enter into an arena of modern infrastructure and atmosphere which constantly goes into transformation. You have much to do at 5 am; it feels like 5 pm.

4.    #4 -Tokyo

Tokyo is the best destination for those who want to experience a busy urban life. Tokyo’s fast-paced urban life is difficult to match in the world. With over 37 million inhabitants and national, Tokyo is ranked as the world’s most populated city, but it attracts the world students with over 12 internationally ranked universities.

The city offers its inhabitants the most stimulating environment, exceptional living standards, clean streets, public safety and effective transportation.

For low-income students, Tokyo is an expensive city that offers only essentials for life, but in comparison to other cities, it is still an affordable study destination for international students.

5.    #5 – Melbourne

Melbourn has a diverse student community like that of London, and this feature makes it the most popular destination for education. People looking for colleges and universities never disappoint when choosing them for their education and career.

The city has seven universities, among which the University of Melbourn enjoys the #37 position among the top 50 in the world and #3 in Australia. However, there is no exaggeration to call it the most diverse student community in the world as it is home to over 90,000 international students, meaning that 40% of the population comes from around the world. Like other world outstanding countries, Melbourn also gives you security, vibrant culture, efficient transport, delicious food and a natural environment.

While the city has a higher cost of living, the perks make it worth spending.

6.    #6- Lahore

While we have discussed the cities of the world with renowned colleges or the city of colleges, how could we forget the most loveable land of pure and lively heart people? Yes, we are talking about the city of gardens, also known as the city of colleges.

While living in this city, people enjoy the rich heritage, culture and diverse ethnicity. People from around the world come to this city to glimpse the culture it reflects. There are more than 80 publishing houses, about 300 bookstores and 20 public libraries. All these are beside the colleges/universities and educational institutes in Lahore.

The city enjoys a vast literacy rate as it has many private and govt institutes that have completed their centuries’ performance in giving education to its population. Government College, Punjab University, Forman Christian College, and Halley college of commerce are among the few. But this is not enough; its newly emerging private universities also contribute to educating the students. Superior college is among them where Students come from around the world other than only from Lahore or other cities of Pakistan.

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