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Superior College Bahawalpur is a high value addition in educational endeavors of the royal city. Superior college campus is fully equipped with all latest facilities and students get advantage of studying under guidance of highly experienced teachers. Modern computer and science labs provide students with opportunity to learn experimenting and applying theory in practice.

The historic ‘Princely State’ is now Bahawalpur City with a royal heritage, as the royal house of Bahawalpur is said to be of Arabic origin. Qila Darawarr is a favorite tourist destination. Bahawalpur is adorned with top ranking educational institutes including The Islamia University, Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, SD High School and Superior College. Bahawalpur has always been known for its peaceful, well maintained clean environment and high standards of education in the country. Central Library Bahawalpur is a place of precious books on history, religion, humanities and sciences. Pakistan’s first ever photovoltaic power station, Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is also being built close to Bahawalpur.

The agricultural lands of Bahawalpur grow main crops including cotton, sugarcane, wheat, sunflower seeds and rice. Fruits grown in Bahawalpur as mangoes, citrus, dates and guavas are internationally demanded due to their rich taste and quality. Cholistan Desert adds to existing glory of the city and serves as a big fascination for tourists coming to Bahawalpur.

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