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Life At Campus

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Learning & Entertainment Together

Superior Cultural & Sports Festivals are the hallmark of Superior annual mega events organized in all the Superior Colleges campuses. To maximize opportunities for learning through entertainment, we have 16 other events been organized frequently throughout the year. The interactive and co curricular learning techniques include the following

Expanding Horizons Through Tours & Visits

To keep the doors of wisdom ajar, traveling is considered the most cherished opportunity that equips people with first-hand experience of the world. To help our students expand their horizons, we frequently arrange tours and visits for them not only around the country but to the international destinations as well.

Industrial Tours

The present era is the age of practical know-how and Superior Group of Colleges offers an ample opportunity to its students through visits to successful industries and top-class business organizations like Nestle, Packages, ICI, Dawood Hercules, Millet Tractors, Haier Electronics and other leading firms and companies that add value to their practical skills.

Recreational Tours

Seeking meaningful pleasure is natural to human beings. This refreshes the mind, lessens the stress, dilutes tension and smoothes out worries. To that end, field tours to Murree, Swat and Kalam are arranged throughout the academic sessions, allowing leisure breaks to academic monotony. These excursions are greatly applauded by ‘Superior’ parents.

Student Excellence Award

Special awards are introduced as a token of encouragement for promising students. In order to endorse and foster the deserving, uplift their morale and motivate them to achieve more, students are given full or partial tuition fee concessions on the basis of their academic performance. This encouragement not only promotes our vision of facilitating ‘Superior Human Beings’ but also creates competition among students. Through this competition we make our students believe in Almighty Allah’s promise that, “Man gets whatever he strives for”. Further to encourage brilliant students we offer need-based as well as merit scholarships and special cash prizes for their outstanding performance.

Sports & Cultural Festival Superior Galas

One of the most memorable events at ‘Superior’ is Cultural Day when students of all disciplines put on traditional cultural dresses and represent the rich culture of Punjab. Campuses of Superior Colleges are decorated to showcase styles from typical Pakistani villages, reflecting genuine Punjabi Culture. Traditional Punjabi food is specially offered at different food stalls to provide real time cultural experience.

Awards For Annual Programs

We have a wide range of awards, cash and other fabulous prizes for our outstanding students on their meritorious academic achievements. We handsomely give out prizes in Inter & B.Com. Special prizes including gifts and computers are given to the toppers of class tests and the toppers of the college and college send-up examinations.


Quizzes are of two types: written and oral. They are administered on the basis of discussion and comprehension of students on every chapter. The aim of taking quizzes is to evaluate the students’ understanding of the course topics and discuss unresolved issues after assessment.

One way in which every Superior student can get involved is by attending the Galas especially organized to appreciate growing abilities of students. For this, Welcome and Farewell functions are arranged, hereby students are encouraged to display their talents and show their artistry through well-conceived parodies, brilliant skits, fabulous mushaira, Qirat, Naat, symposia and academic quizzes.