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Superior College Jhang started its mission of imparting quality education to the youths of Jhang in June, 2011. Jhang is the land of Sufis like Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Shah Jewna and also the city of folk stars Heer Ranjha. This is a city highly appreciated and applauded in folklores and history. In a very short span of time, Superior College Jhang made its mark in education sector and became a luminous star of this historic place. The standards of education got recognized by the people as students started entering Superior College Jhang in bulk.

The college excelled at a very rapid pace and became the fastest growing institute of the city. Ever since the inception of the college, our focus on providing educational needs of the masses has been intact. Though we started-off with only FSc, ICS, ICom and B.Com, yet very soon after that we introduced M.Com & MBA in the year 2012. It is a pride to mention that Superior College Jhang got first position in its MBA first term in university of Sargodha. The college campus is one of the best campuses in the locality which is especially a purpose-built building at the main Jhang Gojra Road A very classic building is fully air-conditioned. Study environment is ideal with the availability of state of the art library and laboratories equipped with modern facilities.Sultan Colony.

Superior Group of Colleges

To expand the educational services to a greater segment of society, Masters Study programs are executed at the college in evening. These programs run smoothly with an increasing number of students. Superior College Jhang is growing and excelling fast to reach new heights of success and accomplishments.

It can be proudly said that every milestone reached, was only possible with untiring efforts of our dedicated faculty and teaching staff. All members at the college contribute for success of the college as their mission. Study environment, discipline and college decorum is very well maintained. On the other hand, extra-curricular activities are being organized regularly that ensure overall wellbeing of our students and make them intellectually and emotionally intelligent.

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