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The Mission of our beloved Chairman Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman Facilitating Superior Human Beings was our initiative behind inception of the Superior College. We always wanted to create a difference in peoples’ lives through our passionate contributions. Our students are a valuable human capital of Pakistan and we dreamt of making students Superior by inculcating in them sense of purpose, innovation and creativity, teamwork, excellence, and rewards for performance.

These values give our students true essence of life, success and immortality. I came to Kasur with the same mission to promote the superior values in the historical city of Bulleh Shah R.A. For this purpose we are focusing on Superior College Kasur to give excellent academics and extra curriculum activities like sports cultural festivals recreational activities tours and science exhibitions superior night and gala events debates and literary competition Murree trip and many more.

Superior Group of Colleges

The purpose of these all activities is only to create best students who can contribute in the nation building to make superior Pakistan.
We are an Emotionally Intelligent Institute helping individuals exploring themselves and influencing others for shared goals. It helps students in becoming inspired learners, aspires dreamers and motivate them to become the master of their fate and captain of their soul.

We are not only producing best intellect in students through our plan IQ but also making them emotionally intelligent with our plan EQ, which in turn gives them the courage to make the world smile by adding value in peoples’ lives

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