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Superior College Khanpur started its mission of facilitating Superior human beings in Khanpur on 24 June 2011. Since the day of its inception, Superior College Khanpur has maintained its Superior academic records with the help of the best education facilities faculty members here.

The college is having a modern purpose-built infrastructure which is highly admired by the people of the locality. Students are provided with experimental facilities in well equipped science labs and latest computer lab. The lush green grounds beautify the college view and create a fresh environment in campus that is important for students’ health.

It is believed at Superior Group of Colleges that vital role of education in lives of individuals and nations cannot be overlooked. Only education can bring positive change to the society and youths of country must be cared after with the best education and training to make them successful in future. To make quality education accessible for everyone, Superior College Khanpur is putting its valued contribution. This is why the college is unique and most admired within the area.

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