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To spread our mission of facilitating Superior human beings, we are glad to open the Superior College Layyah campus. Layyah district is located in the Southern part of Punjab with its hot climate and desert area. Language spoken here includes a variety of Punjabi dialects while Arabic for religious learning in Madrassahs and Urdu & English as the educational mediums. We are reaching every nook and corner of the province Punjab to develop Pakistani youth into superheroes of real life who can work for others. The secret of a developing nation always lies in the quality of education and training that educational systems offer to the youth. Superior College Layyah is working on a comprehensive strategy for students’ IQ and EQ development. Our curriculum completion plan, test series and assessment design ensure our students’ best preparation for board exams. The co-curricular activities not only bring refreshing events but also raise competitive spirit through sports. Team building is taught through tours and combined assignments.

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