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Superior College Mianwali, located in Ali Town, PAF Road Mianwali is an ideal educational hub for knowledge seekers. The college has a purpose-built campus and provides all the required modern day learning facilities for students. At the college, subjects of science and commerce are offered while teaching staff comprises highly seasoned academicians who teach and train students in their respective subjects and courses.

Students of Superior College Mianwali have achieved positions in different study boards. As a keenly planned educational strategy of Superior Group of Colleges, it is ensured that students must be good at IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and also EQ (Emotional Quotient). This is the road to success in whole life because IQ helps students to get positions, jobs and different opportunities but it is only EQ which enables one to retain and succeed in a given situation.

At Superior, we aim to make our youths emotionally intelligent to cope with all circumstances faced in life. Superior College Mianwali works on EQ through students’ close interaction with teachers. Along with regular study programs, projects and assignments, students get knowledge of life from their teachers in a friendly environment.

At the campus, life is made full of learning and laughter so the learning becomes a lifelong memorable experience. The essence of all learning is in the environment which attracts individuals to live their dreams and create their identity. Superior College Mianwali is admired and most liked by students in Mianwali due to its focus on EQ and character building along with high standards of academic positions.

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