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The foundation of Superior College Okara was laid in the year 2007. It was first ever institute in the locality with a major purpose of ‘facilitating Superior human beings’. Superior Group of Colleges has a mission of educational uplift of all the laid back areas. The same need of educational facilities in Okara was fulfilled by Superior college campus.

Okara is a city with great connectivity to Lahore and Sahiwal. The rich agricultural and dairy industry in Okara makes the most revenue for people of the city. A higher ratio of young population is demanding of education as their first and foremost right. Superior College Okara is serving the needs of quality education of the people with its comprehensive study plan IQ and plan EQ.

Faculty at the college is putting their best efforts for academic excellence which is achieved in form of record making positions secured by the students of Superior College Okara. Plan IQ is executed through academic course completion with the help of projects, assignments, presentations and regular evaluation tests in classes. A continuous feedback and guidance from teachers enable the students to secure distinguished positions among competitors.

Superior Group of Colleges

On the other hand, plan EQ is a bundle of extra-curricular and recreational activities which is developing the students’ emotional intelligence. Annual occurrence of team building recreational tours teaches the principles of cooperation and unity among fellow beings. Sports events help to learn a healthy way of dealing with success and failure both. Patriotism is enhanced among youths by celebrating multiple national days of memorandum. Students’ communication skills and self confidence is boosted via speech and debate competitions. Religious sentiments and spiritualism is developed through Naat and Qirat competitions.

Superior College Okara was given a very warm reception in the very first year of its establishment. This response has increased beyond limits with the passing time. The mission of ensuring educational excellence is going on and we are humbly grateful to Almighty Allah for helping us serve the humanity.

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