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Superior College Pasrur was established in year 2011. In the very first year it got nearly 600 students enrolled and the number multiplied in only a couple of years. At the inception of Superior College Pasrur, there was no educational institute with sufficient number of science teachers and students used to travel to Sialkot for science studies. Keeping this situation in view, Superior College established the system and provided the best quality science education in Pasrur campus.

It is a career-focused institute. Studies and extra-curricular activities help our students to gain the updated knowledge along with practical skills to have a competitive edge in today’s global employment market. At Pasrur College you will have access to world class learning resources as well as excellent social, cultural and sporting facilities, all based in an attractive campus with plenty green space to enjoy. This is wonderful place to be a student. Our Pasrur campus offers a friendly supportive study environment

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