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Piplan is a Tehsil in Mianwali District in Punjab, situated at nearly a distance of 52 KM from the district capital Mianwali in the north. Superior College Piplan is a beginning of a new era of educational revolution in the area. Our unique plan IQ & EQ embodied with its deep focus on personality development is very much liked by people of the locality. Since Piplan has always been a hub of sports activities for the surrounding areas. The sports include cricket, volleyball, badminton, tug of war, wrestling, hockey, and football, Superior College is developing all these sports potentials into personal identity of the sports lovers.

We teach our students team building through sports and tours and life wisdom through our co-curricular activities. We believe that only by channelizing energies into right direction, we can develop a generation of superheroes. Our graduates can write their own destiny and add value in the lives of others. This perfect blend of academics and life training is making Superior College the first choice of people in Piplan.

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