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Shalamar Gardens in Lahore, is a classic example of Mughal culture at its peak which was constructed during the reign of the fifth Mughal emperor Shahjehan. As opposed to its exclusive use by members of the royal family in the 17th century, for the last 150 years this garden has been used by commoners and remains a favourite garden of the locals. As Lahore is known for its history. When we speak about Lahore Shalamar Campus it is more of a proven mix of classroom learning, hands-on practical experience and a vibrant community, where you really will be set up for a life of purpose and impact. All around the world our students will make a difference through innovation, creativity and research. At Superior College Shalamar we treat our students as ‘Royalty’. This place will make you experience the majestic environment, the togetherness and the team spirit at its peak.

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