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Superior College Silanwali

Superior College Silanwali was inaugurated in year 2014 with mission of bestowing the people of locality with high standard education. Silanwali is a town of Sargodha District in the province of Punjab. It is situated in the Southern area of Sargodha, bordering with Jhang District. Being very famous for its woodwork and handicrafts, Silanwali also produces crops in the agricultural lands in its suburbs.

People are peaceful and cooperative with one another. The availability of quality education was deeply required which Superior college has provided with all modern facilities in the campus. Superior College Silanwali infrastructure reflects a tradition of taking education as the main priority of Superior Group and its mission of ‘facilitating human beings’.

We encourage our students to take advantage of everything that Superior offers from educational system to EQ focused extracurricular activities. We aim to make our students the best professionals of the future.

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